Mount Bromo, a landscape from another planet

Located on the island of Java, set in an absolutely breathtaking landscape Bromo volcano is a must visit on your trip to Indonesia.

Bromo - mirador

The volcano, active today, sits in the middle of a plain called the "Sea of Sand".

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Reach the volcano was not an easy task. We started from Yogyakarta with a van where we were going to spend the following 12 hours... what an adventure!

Southeast Asian drivers do not stand out for their safety behind the wheel, but this one was too bold. More than once we held our breaths hoping not to hit another vehicle. Fortunately the driver always swerved and turned back into the proper lane at the last moment.

Conductores BromoDrivers resting between trip and trip.


When we arrived at our destination, at 12 a.m, they showed us the room where we were going to "spend the night". For the first time on the trip we needed to use blankets and warm clothing because it was cold, to make matters worse there was no hot water... the shower had to wait.

We say "spend the night" because we could only rest awhile until 5 am, the time when a Jeep would be waiting to take us to the viewpoint, crowded with tourists, where to watch the Sunrise.

Bromo - JeepThis was the Jeep that made us get up early.


The views are breathtaking, with the first rays of light you see howthe volcano rises majestically from among the clouds and lives up to its name, coming from Brahma, the Hindu Creator God..

Bromo - pareja

Bromo - Malva


The second part of the visit was to climb up to the crater. To get there you must pass through a sea of sand and ash. Dense fog, rugged landscape and the noise of the crater coming from inside the earth make the breathtaking scenary that we were talking about.

Bromo - Mar de arenaViews from the top.
Bromo - Niebla 1Through the mist 1.
Bromo - Niebla 2Through the mist 2.
Bromo - Niebla 3Through the mist 3.


In conclusion, despite being a very touristic place, the Bromo is definitely an essential destination of Indonesia that you cannot miss, ., ..

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21 thoughts on “Mount Bromo, a landscape from another planet

  1. Hi Rafa and Malva than last,,es,Thanks for showing us these wonders,,es,you may never be there in person,,es,but thanks to you I can know and observe these wonders,,es, gracias por mostrarnos estas maravillas, es posible que nunca pueda estar alli en persona, pero gracias a vosotros puedo conocer y observar estas maravillas. Thank you. Besos.

  2. That honestly doesn’t even look real because it is so amazingly beautiful. I would have freaked driving with a crazy driver for 12 hours. That’s stressful, but I guess it was worth it for that view!

    1. Hello Sarah, thank you for your comment :) It was worth it, the place its amazing. By the way, your blog is very nice!! We were living in Costa Rica for one year and we keep it in our hearts! Pura vida!

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