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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. HI!!love the way u share!!!!
    i would like to work and live in manilla!!!BUTdont know of any one who would give me 65…..though ive been in school education, for a long time…andhead of senior school as teacher of english..
    healthy and active…presently counselor in an arc

  2. Hello, write decade Venezuela, I thought about possibility of going from barcelona, Spain to Philippines, any recommendations intermediate English and I intend to work in the area of ​​Call Center and professor of Spanish.

  3. Hola Chicos.

    I encourage you on your journey and equal in all exitos always added even greater blessings always many.
    I lived in the Philippines for many years, I can say that in all countries which I have visited, you find yourself with good people, however the naturalness and espontanidad of Filipinos is unique.
    Boys also pray for my desire to return again to live in the Philippines and to continue working as before.
    Greetings from South Korea.

  4. Holaa I am from Córdoba,,es,Argentina wanted more information about the trip and specialties,,es,I would like the branch of law or social sciences,,es, Argentina quería recibir más información sobre el viaje y las especialidades, me gustaría la rama de derecho o ciencias sociales . Gracias

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