Eurodyssey: european traineeship program

The perfect exchange program to expand your professional experience, learn languages and travel around Europe.


Since we moved to Brussels, just over one month ago, many ask us what are we doing here. The answer is Eurodyssey, a traineeship placement abroad program that you'll love.


primera foto en BruselasOne of our first photos in Belgium (Cinquantenaire park, Brussels).

What is Eurodyssey?

Eurodyssey is an exchange program of the Assembly of European regions (ARE) that offers paid traineeship placement abroad, for a period between three to seven months, for youngsters aged between 18 and 30 years old.


What is the objetive?

The main objective of this program is to provide young people the opportunity to gain international professional experience, give them a chance to improve their knowledge of a foreign language, travel and meeting people.


What are the requirements to participate?

• Be between 18 and 30 years old.
• Reside in one of the member regions of the program. Check out here.
• Meet the specific requirements of each traineeship offer.

Eurodyssee encompass all kinds of professions. Whatever your profile, we recommend take a look at the list of available places. There might be something that fits you.


What are the benefits of Eurodyssey program?

Participants will receive:
• Work placements for a period between 3 to 7 months.
• Host country language course.
• Accommodation.
• Monthly salary.
• Insurance.
• Certificate.



Work placements offer is very varied. Mainly focused on Europe with great
presence in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France or Belgium.

Don't think twice. Inform yourself and take part in Eurodyssey.


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8 thoughts on “Eurodyssey: european traineeship program

  1. Noelia basualdo,,es,Hi I would like to have more information as one incribe for Eurydice,,es,Hi Noelia,,es,We have made the link to the official website Article,,es,There you will find all the information,,es,If you reside in one of the member regions of the program seeks guidance counselor region and you can start the process,,es,I'm from Argentina and I would like to know if Sonn practices also for foreigners,,es,Of course I'm interested,,es,I am looking forward to your response,,es,You can only participate if you live in one of the member regions of the program,,es,There is a link to the list in Article,,es says:

    Hola me gustaria tener mas informacion y como uno se incribe para eurodisea??

    1. Hola Noelia, gracias por leer el blog y contactar con nosotros :) Hemos dejado el enlace a la página oficial en el artículo. Ahí encontrarás toda la información. Si resides en una de las regiones miembro del programa busca al orientador de tu región y podrás iniciar el proceso. Un saludo!

  2. Hello. Soy de Argentina y me gustaria saber si las practicas tambien sonn para extranjeros. Desde ya me interesa. Espero su respuesta.

    1. Hello Florence, thanks for reading the blog and leave your comment :) Sólo puedes participar si resides en alguna de las regiones miembro del programa. Hay un enlace a la lista en el artículo, un saludo!

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