Galería: India, dónde surgió el amor

Gallery: India, where our love began

This trip will always hold a special place in our memory. It was the first adventure together, where our love began ...

We also had the chance to go with the best company. Not only four good friends, but also excellent photographers: Carolina Montava, Gerardo Berna, Josep Salmerón and Maite Sánchez. Thank You!

Experience what we felt seeing this summary of images about the 15 days that we were there.

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9 thoughts on “Gallery: India, where our love began

  1. Amazing!! to think that india is where ur love began…not surprising. it was a land of love life n light!!!
    A transition is on and we indians are in a state of flux!!! nothing is the same as it was!!!
    but out of this chaos ,im sure we will return to love , life n light…renewed!!
    may all sentient beings be free from sufferring and be happy!!! Om SHanti, shanti ,shantih!

    1. Hello! It’s a beautiful country. Hope that it can overcome this chaotic situation because is the perfect place for a love story. We really enjoyed our trip there. Blessings to you!

  2. que fotos super lindos! me encanta! :D

  3. Cool. It is a great country and I am glad your new phase of life started in our country, But I still need to ask which place it was? Just for curiosity

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