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Gallery: The life in the temple

An old Chinese proverb says that "the meaning of an image can express ten thousand words." Whenever we speak with family and friends they ask us: How is the life in the temple?

We try to explain what we are living in the most faithful way possible. Even so, many times we feel that there are certain things that we are not able to tell with words.

As our friend Antonio Aguilar wrote in his blog Historias de nuestro planeta:

We read to learn from what other people have experienced.
We travel to live what books may not ever teach.

With this gallery, we want to show the daily life in the temple, taking the risk that sometimes the images may not be enough.

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11 thoughts on “Gallery: The life in the temple

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Kathy,,es,that good energy gives us the strength to continue sharing experiences,,es, esa buena energía nos da fuerzas para continuar compartiendo experiencias. Un saludo!!

  1. Hermoso.

  2. Qué galería tan bonita. Las imágenes a veces no son suficientes porque no reflejan todos los sentimientos vividos en un viaje, pero nos podemos hacer una idea con este álbum tan completo.

    1. Gracias Blanche! La verdad es que en concreto para esta experiencia las imágenes se quedan cortas. Si te animas a vivir la experiencia este retiro se organiza anualmente y está abierto a personas de todo el mundo. Para cualquier pregunta aquí estamos, saludos :)

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