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Gallery: Puerto Galera (Philippines)

We visited Puerto Galera in Mindoro Island (Philippines). Out of the most common touristic tours, this destination offers sun, pristine beaches and coral reefs full of life and color for diving lovers.

Just four hours from Manila, Puerto Galera is one of the cheapest options to disconnect from urban noise. The area is located in the center of the called Golden Triangle formed by the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia; a place for diving recognized worldwide for its great marine diversity..

Here you have some pictures of our trip, we are looking forward to go back!.

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7 thoughts on “Gallery: Puerto Galera (Philippines)

  1. You have a lovely blog and the pictures are breath taking. This place looks serene and connects with nature. We have Philippines on our bucket list and will keep this post in mind when we do our booking.

    1. Judging Thank You,,hi,Philippines is definitely one of the places you should not miss,,en,Enjoy it,,en,Sonali Jain,,hi,Thank you Manoj,,en,Is a must visit if you are in Philippines for long,,en! Philippines is definitely one of the places you should not miss :) Enjoy it!

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