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HALA 2018, experience and discover Buddhism

Would you like to live during three months in a Buddhist temple? Would you like to know how is the daily life of a Buddhist monk? Learn about their culture and actively participate in the community? Try a simple lifestyle and meditate daily?

Hala program offers this and much more. We are very happy to collaborate on a new edition of this fabulous program that has meant so much to us.

Main Shrine - Amor de ViajeMeditating on the main shrine of the temple.



HALA (Humanistic Academy of Life and Arts) is a temple stay and study program open to those who want to learn a new way of life. It is perfect to take a break from the world, and to cultivate spiritually whatever religious background you 
are from. HALA aims to create the right environment for those who are seeking to gain spiritual experience through living a simple life.

Humanistic Academy of Life and Arts is being organized by the Education Council of Fo Guang Shan (FGS), a international Buddhist order established by Venerable Master Hsing Yun in 1967. One of FGS objectives is fostering talents through education. Since 2010 Hala program gave the opportunity to discover Buddhism, through 12 editions, to many students from around the world.

17893954412_4797028930_bDown: Participants of HALA 2015. Above: Temple students with master Jue Lin,es.



The programm will last 3 months, from 1 st May 2018 until 31 st July 2018 in FGS Mabuhay Temple in Manila. The batch will be formed of up to 20 applicants who are entitled to a full scholarship covering vegetarian meals, accommodation, lessons, study material and transport to the temple from the airport. The sole responsibility of the participants is to cover their expenses incurred by the trip to Manila and the expenses related to visa.

We do not discriminate against any kind of people, however, we have set few general requirements in order to ensure the wellbeing of other participants and proper learning atmosphere in the Academy. Those are:

  • Age range, approximately 20 to 35 years old
  • No marital or parental obligations.
  • Educational attainment (college or higher).
  • Physical and emotional fitness.

IMPORTANT: these requirements are only a guide. If you think you qualify for the program we invite you to submit your application regardless of the requirements. For any additional questions not forget leave a coment at the end of this post and we will answer as soon as possible.

To participate, send an email to the address with the following documents (all documents must be submitted in ENGLISH):


Experience Buddhism, be part of HALA 13, Omituofo! 阿彌陀佛!


Those who follow the blog already familiar with how was our experience living in the temple, something that marked a before and after for us. It was a decision that changed our life and meant the beginning of our asian adventure..

If you are new in the blog here you have some of the articles talking about our experience as HALA students:


13 thoughts on “HALA 2018, experience and discover Buddhism

  1. Muy buen artículo, muchas gracias por tu labor y esta oportunidad tan interesante de aprender más sobre el buddismo.
    Puede ser que te será interesante utilizar las salas de datos virtuales para una gestión de documentos más segura y cómoda. Saludos

  2. Reverend Sir,
    Conveying my heartfelt respect. I am a Buddhist Monk would like to participate in the HALA 2018, 1st May – 31st July, experience and discover Buddhism. I would like to know the details of the program. Please cooperate me in this matter.

    With best regards,
    Emon Baruah,

    1. Hello Emon,,ja,follow the instruction on the article and send the filled application form to the specified email address,,en,Best wishes,,en, follow the instruction on the article and send the filled application form to the specified email address. Best wishes!

  3. Hola mucho gusto.
    De los requisitos yo no tengo un logro educativo: de Universidad o superior. ¿Qué tan problemática sería esa carencia?
    La cosa es que si estoy muy dispuesto y con ganas de aprender en el viaje.
    Gracias por la atención.

    1. Hello david, It is not a prerequisite,,es,If you're motivated, we encourage you to submit your application,,es. si estás motivado te animamos a que envies tu candidatura. Un saludo!

  4. Karla,,en,Hi, guys, I really love reading your blog. I'm very interested in this.,,es,but at the same time I'm a little afraid of traveling alone,,es,I would love to write me an email to tell me if this is a safe trip,,es,I think it's always good to talk with people who have already been somewhere where you plan to go,,es,Thank you in advance, my email is,,es,,,en,Hello Karla,,es,it is a long but safe journey,,es,In the temple they treat you like at home and everyone is very kind,,es,The Philippines can be a strong cultural shock,,es,especially Manila since it is a quite chaotic city and that we personally do not like,,es,If you have any other question you can always contact us through our facebook page,,es,Karla H,,en says:

    Hola chicos me encanto mucho leer su blog estoy muy interesada en esto, pero a la vez tengo un poco de miedo de viajar sola, me encantaria que me escriban un correo para contarme si es este un viaje seguro, creo qu siempre es bueno platicar con personas que ya han estado en algun lugar donde planeas ir. De antemano les agradesco mi correo es

    1. Hola Karla, se trata de un viaje largo pero seguro. En el templo te tratan como en casa y todo el mundo es muy amable. Filipinas puede suponer un choque cultural fuerte, especialmente Manila ya que es una ciudad bastante caótica y que a nosotros personalmente no nos gusta. Si tienes cualquier otra pregunta siempre nos puedes contactar también a través de nuestra página de facebook ;) Un saludo!

  5. ¡Hola!

    Do you happen to know if there will be any other date in this year for the program,,es,Or is it just a batch per year,,es,only one batch per year is organized,,es,If you can not in,,es,you'll have to wait for the edition,,es? ¿O es sólo un batch por año?


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