redondeo - malva

I am 24 years old and I'm from Granada (Spain). I studied teacher training and for many I'm crazy for not focus once in making the civil servant exam to start working as a teacher as soon as possible instead of travelling. But for now that's what makes me happy because I love travelling and even more if the destination is a little "wild".

In 2011, during my Erasmus in Turkey, I met Rafa (another restless ass) and since then we've travelled and lived together in several countries: India, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania, where we live now.

I like to discover new cultures and learn from them. I like the feeling of surprise when you visit a site for the first time and everything is new. I am adventurous, when i was a child my parents were freaked out when I got lost in "La Sierra de las Villas" or in "La Vega de Granada" playing at being an explorer.

I am cat lover but Rafa is allergic. I am also a little bit disorganized and very indecisive. But I never doubt about travelling.

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