Amor de Viaje

Hello, we are Malva and Rafa. Together we are "Amor de viaje".



As blog, “Amor de viaje” born in 2015 ,but actually all began the 14 February of 2012. We were doing Erasmus in Turkey and we never felt attracted to each other, until that day, we took our backpacks and with some friends we embarked on a journey to India.

During those 15 days there was nothing to hide, no makeup, no new clothes, or a bath where take a shower and grooming. The truth is that we looked pretty bad. But instead of being a drawback was the key to really get to know each other: the traveling spirit, sleep and eat anything, anywhere, adapt and improvise to continue to the next destination… All those things were what made us fall in love.

That adventure, for already 3 years old, marked our relationship. For us being together is a journey and be stuck in one place would be like reading only the first page of a beautiful book that faces us. For that reason we wrote this blog. We want to continue traveling, sharing and learning with other travelers, and if it is possible, encourage you to take the step to start your own journey.

Sobre nosotros - India



redondeo - malva

I am 24 years old and I'm from Granada (Spain). I studied teacher training and for many I'm crazy for not focus once in making the civil servant exam to start working as a teacher as soon as possible instead of travelling. But for now that's what makes me happy because I love travelling and even more if the destination is a little "wild".

In 2011, during my Erasmus in Turkey, I met Rafa (another restless ass) and since then we've travelled and lived together in several countries: India, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania, where we live now.

I like to discover new cultures and learn from them. I like the feeling of surprise when you visit a site for the first time and everything is new. I am adventurous, when i was a child my parents were freaked out when I got lost in "La Sierra de las Villas" or in "La Vega de Granada" playing at being an explorer.

I am cat lover but Rafa is allergic. I am also a little bit disorganized and very indecisive. But I never doubt about travelling.



Rafa - sobre nosotros

I am of the generation of 91 and have studied audiovisual communication. I would not know how to define well where I come from. I was born in Alcantarilla (Murcia) where I lived until 14 years old, then I moved to Librilla where currently resides my family.

Knowing Malva and start university have been two key moments to understand who I am and both came together. In the university I became independent and lived for two years in Gandia. It also offered me the opportunity to study abroad: Turkey and Costa Rica. After graduating I moved to Granada with Malva, where we have our "Official residence", although not spend much time there. Nowadays we live in Romania but we're packing for our next adventure: Philippines.

Every place I've lived has been marked as am. That's why I feel at the same time Murcian, Valencian, Andalusian and Turkish, Tico and a little Romanian.

  • I like long trips, although i can´t say no to a getaway weekend.
  • I am good co-driver, but don´t ask me to drive even a bicycle.
  • I have never tasted beer, however I can eat anything, anywhere.
  • I like football and movies, I try to have a team and a favorite film in each country.
  • I am impatient, but I don't care if I have to spend hours preparing a trip.
  • I like exotic countries and travel with pack light.
  • I like the beach, but if they are crowded I prefer the mountain.
  • I love traveling, but if i am alone I would not enjoy it.
  • What I like most is traveling with Malva.

Sobre nosotros - juntos