Rafa - sobre nosotros

I am of the generation of 91 and have studied audiovisual communication. I would not know how to define well where I come from. I was born in Alcantarilla (Murcia) where I lived until 14 years old, then I moved to Librilla where currently resides my family.

Knowing Malva and start university have been two key moments to understand who I am and both came together. In the university I became independent and lived for two years in Gandia. It also offered me the opportunity to study abroad: Turkey and Costa Rica. After graduating I moved to Granada with Malva, where we have our "Official residence", although not spend much time there. Nowadays we live in Romania but we're packing for our next adventure: Philippines.

Every place I've lived has been marked as am. That's why I feel at the same time Murcian, Valencian, Andalusian and Turkish, Tico and a little Romanian.

  • I like long trips, although i can´t say no to a getaway weekend.
  • I am good co-driver, but don´t ask me to drive even a bicycle.
  • I have never tasted beer, however I can eat anything, anywhere.
  • I like football and movies, I try to have a team and a favorite film in each country.
  • I am impatient, but I don't care if I have to spend hours preparing a trip.
  • I like exotic countries and travel with pack light.
  • I like the beach, but if they are crowded I prefer the mountain.
  • I love traveling, but if i am alone I would not enjoy it.
  • What I like most is traveling with Malva.

Sobre nosotros - rafa