European Voluntary Service: Learn languages, make new friends and travel for FREE!!!

- 8 months, we were in Spain working as home tutors and other things that came up out there. Many of you know that situation. It was not in our plans to leave Spain, at least not so soon, but the picture was not very encouraging.

Finally the solution came with Ana, Malva's cousin, who had just returned from Estonia after a year working there thanks to European Voluntary Service (European Voluntary Service). We began to investigate and soon realized this would be the next step. That's how we ended up working in Baia Mare (Romania).

If something has struck us was to see how little EVS is known in Spain. Moreover when you consider how popular it is in other countries and the few job opportunities that the young people have today.

Therefore, we will take stock of what has been the experience for us and provide you a "Complete Guide" about the European Voluntary Service:


  • It is an international voluntary service ..
  • Founded and supported by the European Commission.
  • It can last everything between 2 weeks and 12 months depending on the project.

At the word volunteering you can have a wrong idea of what is EVS. It is not an NGO, although some projects have a social theme, EVS has as main objective the volunteer's personal learning: acquiere new skills or implement and develop what you already had.


  • Youngsters aged between 18 and 30 years old who are ready for a new experience.

One of the best things of the EVS is the great biodiversity that you will find. For example, in our project, we are more or less 30 Volunteers from 15 different countries. Some people do not reach the 20 years old and see the EVS as an experience before starting university. There are also more senior people (+25, without offending anyone) who have finished their studies and are looking for a change or a kind of break. Everyone has their reason, What is yours?

Cumpleaños Raquel

Costume party for Raquel's Birthday, one of the Spanish volunteers.


As we said before there are so many reasons to do a voluntary service, but given what we know, we could establish that the EVS is mainly done:

  • If you have finished your studies (high school or university) and you are unsure of what you want to do, but want to continue learning and gaining experience.
  • If you are trying to find a job, but you do not get it and want to do something productive.

In any case EVS is always a new direction: new city, new friends, new language ... it's a great opportunity to grow personally, academically and professionally.

To give you an idea, in an interview with other volunteers we ask them to describe their experiences in a word and these were some results: Freedom, inspiration, tolerance, people, fun, adventure, learning ...

Note that at the end of the project received a document called YOUTHPASS in which will be reflected all the activities, skills and competences acquired during EVS.

It is a nice addition to your CV, especially if you have in mind to continue traveling and working around the world ;)


It is a question that arose before we start. Here we explain who are the 5 EVS main actors:

The volunteer: youngsters aged between 18 and 30 years old, as we said before, no further requirements. Anyone who is open to new experience can do it.

Sending Organization: It is the association of your home country, in our case "Las Niñas del Tul" in Granada. They help you find a project, fill in the pre-volunteering documents and other things like searching for cheap flights, contact the hosting organization ...

Hosting organization: It is the association in the country of destination, in our case "Team for Youth" in Baia Mare. They are "your heads". They manage the project, provide a schedule with weekly activities and supervise that you fulfill your obligations. They are also who provide you:

  • Accommodation: apartments shared with other volunteers.
  • Money: in Romania we receive 160 € per month per volunteer. Considering that other expenses are covered (rental, bills, internet, transport, materials for the activities ...) It is enough to live well.
  • Cultural assistance: Language lessons (Romanian and English), team building activities ...

Mentor: is a person who is part of the local community. It's your "new best friend", the mentor is there for anything you need, for example, going to the doctor, listen if you need some psychological support, help with YOUTHPASS ...

National Agency: "The eye that sees everything", It is the highest authority inside the EVS. If you have any problems with your hosting organization or something they can not solve, there is the national agency. Also they organize two trainings for volunteers, the firts one when you arrive and the second one at the middle of the project. For a week you'll be in a hotel, with all the expenses paid, with other volunteers that are in that country. Sounds good right?


It can be done in any European country but also there are projects worldwide. If you are interested in leaving Europe sure you can do it.

Día nacional Rumanía

We chose Romania, Where would you like to go?


Three easy steps:

  1. Search: a project, sending organization or country where you want to go.
  2. Contact: with the hosting organization, you will make a Skype interview and if everything is ok they will send you your contract.
  3. Approval: Read your rights and obligations as a volunteer, sign the contract and enjoy the experience ;)

Finally, here is a video-interview that we did with other volunteers about the experience of the European voluntary.

71 thoughts on “European Voluntary Service: Learn languages, make new friends and travel for FREE!!!

  1. Hola chicos, I am very interested in participating in an experience, I am in the search.. They could guide me to do about it? Thank you very much my greetings.-

  2. Hi I am geral from Mexico and I am interested in the voluntering program… Could you please explain me how does it work.

    Thank you in advance

  3. Hello!! I needed a consultation. I am from Argentina, I would like to make volunteering in Europe, I still have not decided the place, rather I find the proposal very attractive and interesting. I'm a photographer, I didico to work in customer care but I etsoy forming in Filmmaking. It exists within this country the ability to access SVE?
    I would appreciate any information or you can contact bearings, Thank you!!!

    1. Hello Flora, if there but you should check with the national agencies or shipping associations to see what projects and countries could participate. Good luck!!

      1. Hola, estoy igual que flora. Este año termino la Licenciatura en publicidad y quisiera ir a Europa, donde puedo buscar información? gracias

  4. Hola que tal?I am Uruguayan and would like to know more about it…do not know how I can do here in Uruguay to contact and find some project you can participate. I am very interested to go to Spain. I appreciate if you can send me more information. Saludos

  5. Buenas tardes: tengo 26 años soy de capital federal, buenos aires, Argentina. Me encantaría viajar, conocer diferentes culturas, ver como es la vida en otro país, como piensan, como trabajan, que culturas, que experiencias tienen. Hablo español y portugués. Estoy tomando clases de ingles de manera particular y tengo muchas ganas de aprender más sobre el idioma. Espero poder quedar seleccionado. Desde ya, muchas gracias.

    1. Hello Mauro, we do not offer the program, only we have our experience of how it was for others to apply. Go directly to the associations organizing European voluntary service. Suerte! :)

    1. Hi Viviana :) The budget made available depends on the country where they perform volunteering. As for the projects can not give specific information as there is a lot of supply projects. Better than you check with an association of shipping or national agency. Saludos!

  6. I’m from Colombia, I would like to know where can i search a project and the contact?


  7. ¡Hola! Soy colombiana y tengo todas las ganas del mundo de hacer parte del voluntariado Europeo. Espero me puedan ayudar con mas informacion a mi correo electronico, ¡ Muchas gracias !

  8. I would like to participate as a volunteer is that my age does not apply but I want to give me the opportunity and ah been a dream to be part of this team thanks

  9. hello I love all participate in the project, It is what I want and I love to do. It's similar to what I'm studying TOURISM, I like to travel, help people and meet and learn from other cultures, muchas gracias

  10. Hello! Dear I am from Chile and I are interested in this volunteer wanted to know if this applied to my country the power to apply, where I have to run or who to contact. From already thank you very much.

    1. Hola María, Article detail the process we follow us. Try to search the internet contact any national agency or shipping to talk to them your idea exactly. Gracias por leer el blog. Saludos!

  11. buenas noches vi una publicacion de ustedes sobre voluntario alrededor del mundo pero no se donde enviar el correo o que tengo que hacer ya que solo dice como hacerlo pero no especifica bien
    espero su respuesta

  12. Hello, my name is joaquin jara , I’m from chile I have 18 years and I’m interested to participate in a volunteer , just wanted to know if this product works in Chile … hopefully answer

    1. Hello Joaquín, when we did our european voluntary service there were volunteers from countries outside of europe. You should communicate with national agencys or sending organization to talk directly about your project. Regards :)

  13. Hola qué tal? I’m from Peru and I’m really interested in the volunteer program. I’d like to know if there’s a hosting organization in Peru, and also I’d like to know where I can find more information about it and until when the dates for contacting are available. Please answer as soon as possible

    1. Hello Melannie, search directly on the Internet if there is a sending organization in Peru if you can not contact directly with any host organization in the country in which you are interested make volunteering. Suerte :)

  14. Hello! I’m Gerald from Venezuela, I do know you’re not directly the volunteer organization, yet, do you happen to know which are these organizations and what projects and countries one could participate? I appreciate your information.

    1. Hi Geraldine, looking directly through the official website of the European Commission. There you will find a directory where the contact information of national agencies in each country. Good luck!

  15. Hello! I would like to know more about this experience.
    I’m looking for a job in summer in Germany but I can’t find it.
    How does this methode work?

  16. Hola estoy interesada en el voluntariado, me podrían mandar información más detallada.

  17. i have a question, which is the price of this voluntary? we have to pay for our airplane tickets? do you hepl us with all the documents of the visa?

      1. Hello, I would like to know where I send my data to contact an organization to do el.voluntariado in any country in Europe. I'm latin. Contacting an organization?

  18. Hi guys!
    My doubt is: If I want to travel with EVS, can I do it with my brother? I mean, we wanted to stay together… is it posible, or somebody else decide where are we going to stay? and… I´m a biologist, does EVS includes some professional volunteers?

    1. Hello Angélica, its possible that you and your brother join the same project and organization. We did it together in Romania last year. You can apply to one project related with your profile or profession. You should apply to the ones you like most and after you get accepted you can decide which one you will do. Good luck!

  19. Hola, lei todo de principio a fin y me interesa, pero lo que me tiene muy intrigada es, cual seria mi contacto para este tipo de programas en México con quien puedo acudir para realizar este tipo de voluntariado¡? espero con ansias su respuesta, gracias!

  20. Hi, I have a question, in the document, you tell that we need to search the program that we want to follow? Do you have any list with some programs? I’m interested in France, Finland and Germany :)

  21. Hi..! I’m from Mexico. Im sorry but I don’t understand what include and what don’t include the program. I already read the post but that wasn’t clear. Could you tell me, please? … Thakn you so much.

    And other thing, where can I apply?

  22. my name’s camila valdes. I’m from Chile. I’m 27 years old. I’m interested in this aventure. I would like be voluntary service, because for me this is great experience for meet people and I can help then.
    But I have questions:
    where I can applied to this service?
    when I can proceed for this aplication?

    1. Hello Camila, check directly in the official website of the european comission. You can search by the name of EVS (European Voluntary Service). There you will find all the contact information and how to apply. Regards!

  23. Hola estimados, soy de Chile y quisiera hacer un voluntariado a Europa, pero quisiera si saben cual es la organizacion en mi país para adherirme a esta experiencia, por favor denme informacion

  24. Hello,

    My name is Yasmina. I am 23 years old. Currently, I am Erasmus now and i don’t want to stop travelling. I would love to joint with you and do a European Voluntary.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  25. Hola, buen día.
    Me llamo Claudio, soy de la Ciudad de México y me gusta mucho la idea de conocer nuevas culturas, idiomas, personas, simplemente cosas nuevas. Estoy estudiando ingles y francés y me gustaría saber cómo puedo entrar en el grupo de voluntariado. Muchas gracias por su atención. Y esper con ansias su respuesta.
    Buen día.

  26. Realmente me interesa mucho poder hacer voluntariado, pero tengo un pequeño problema con respecto a mi edad, tengo 33 años, quería saber si habrá alguna posibilidad de poder aplicar a este programa, si es así por favor me gustaría tener mas información.

  27. Hola chicos, I am Chilean with Spanish nationality and I am interested would like to know more information about where to apply and budget for volunteering, Beforehand thank you very much

  28. Que buena idea, creo que puedo ser parte de un buen proyecto junto con personas de todos lados, es una buena red creada, esta muy bien pensado. saludos y espero que algún día me sorprenda. jajjaa

    1. Hi Nicolas, thanks for reading the blog and leave your comment ;) In the article is all information, we are not directly who offer volunteering but participated in the program last year and share our experience so you can help other people to take the plunge. Admission requirements depend on each host organization and / or shipping and project.
      Our recommendation is that you start searching google for example using the filter “european voluntary service sending organization” and search through the official website of the European Commission.
      Otherwise not forget to subscribe and invite your friends to read our blog to be always informed of the latest job opportunities, volunteer and travel abroad.
      Saludos!! :)

  29. hola soy juana tengo 23 años y soy de Chile ,me interesa mucho lo del voluntariado ,realmente seria genial tener esa oportunidad y poder conocer otros lugares y tener nuevas experiencias…

  30. Hello, fascinate me be part of an experience,I am interested places in South America or in Spain, Could you please guide please? Gracias. I am 20 years and I am from Morelos.

  31. Hello, I am from Venezuela, I am interested in volunteering in Europe, to which organization could contact,es?

  32. Hola soy de argentina chaco-resistencia no hablo ingles pero muero por viajar y me encanto este voluntariado me encantaria conocer más de esta idea y poder sumarme por favor

  33. Hi I'm Joao Palma 22 I am Ecuadorian years and am interested in volunteering in Europe I want her more information you can send me on my email thank you very much

  34. Hola estoy muy interesada en obtener una oportunidad como esta… soy de Paraguay un pais pequeño y bonito

  35. I am from Bolivia and would like to volunteer in Europe information to my mail I thank you ☺

  36. Hola! Soy de Argentina. Me interesa hacer el voluntariado en Europa o en cualquier otra parte! Estoy terminando mis estudios universitarios. Tengo 24 años. ¿Dónde puedo inscribirme? Saludos.

    1. Hello Paz,,es,Article links are pages where the official can consult the internship and how to apply in each case,,es, en el artículo están los enlaces a las páginas oficiales dónde podrás consultar la oferta de prácticas y como solicitarlas en cada caso concreto. Un saludo y suerte!

  37. tengo 20 años soy universitaria y me encantaría viajar y conocer un poco mas del mundo antes de entrar al campo laboral me podrían brindar información

    1. Hola Lisseth,,co,in your case the European Volunteering is a great opportunity,,es,Try to contact any association of shipping so you can look emepezar projects that might interest you for your future career job,,es, en tu caso el Voluntariado Europeo es una gran oportunidad. Trata de contactar con alguna asociación de envío para que puedas emepezar a mirar proyectos que te puedan interesar para tu futura carrera laboral. Good luck!

  38. Natalia,,en,good day,,es,My name is Natalia Angel,,es,I am from the city of Cali de Colombia,,es,but I have several doubts that I would like to talk with you,,es,Hello Natalia,,es,We have just been visiting your country and we have loved it,,es,Regarding European volunteering,,es,You can leave us here your doubts and we will try to solve them,,es says:

    Hello, buen día

    Mi nombre es Natalia Angel, soy de la ciudad de Cali de Colombia, me interesa, pero tengo varias dudas que quisiera platicar con ustedes.

    1. Hola Natalia,
      Acabamos de estar de visita por tu país y nos ha encantado. En cuanto al voluntariado europeo, nos puedes dejar por aquí tus duda e intentaremos resolverlas. Un saludo!!

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